Giving Back

One of most basic yet practical way to express our gratitude in life is to give something back when our cup starts to overflow.

Here on the island of Bali, there are two main ways that we’ve chosen to express our gratitude for being taken care of so much by the land and its people: 

As Munay was being envisioned and born, Malvina, the creator and art director at Munay asked in a prayer to the goddess of the ocean: “If we are going to take something from you, what would you like us to do in exchange?” The answer was about cleaning and helping with plastic pollution.

Reducing Plastic Waste

Munay is Plastic Neutral. Actually, we're beyond plastic neutral, as we contribute to recycling above and beyond our plastic usage. 

How is this accomplished? 

Firstly, we use as little plastic as possible in our packaging and during our production process and all areas of our business.

Secondly, we contribute a portion of each sale we receive at Munay towards a plastic recycling initiative called CSR, who then issue us 'plastic credits' that go towards recycling plastic.This process helps us remove plastic from our oceans and waterways, and recycles them into other usable materials. 

Over the last year, we're happy to say we've been able to recycle 2500kg's of plastic waste from the environment. 

This actually goes above and beyond offsetting any unavoidable plastic use by Munay!


Helping Local Families

The second way give back is by making small, meaningful donations to the people who need it most, people that we know in person, workers, neighbors and friends.

We make our best to be loving, caring participants in their community, may the donation be use for health matters, food, or simply to participate in buying costumes and offerings for their ceremonies.