Length and Layers for Necklaces

When considering what necklaces to choose for layering, you’ll need to think about how the different lengths will fall on your body.

If you are on the shorter side (5’4” or shorter), it may be ideal to stick to collar, choker, princess, and rope lengths. For taller ladies (5’9” or taller), you can pretty much take your pick of the lot.

Overall height is a consideration, but so is the build of your frame. If you have a shorter torso, the different lengths of necklaces are going to fall at varying places than is normal. And, the same is true for those of us with longer torsos.

Also, if you have a wider frame or neck, then shorter chains may feel too constricting. You may find that a matinee necklace will actually look like a princess necklace on you. Stick to longer lengths for a more comfy feel or pieces with an extender so you can adjust as you please.