Meaning of Munay

What is the meaning of the word Munay?

Munay is Quechua language from the Incas of Peru.

It means “eternal, unconditional love without thinking or hesitation.”

For the Q’ero Inca Paqos (shamans). Munay is one of the three pillars that supports one’s path in becoming a keeper of the earth. 

It is not only a kind of love; the meaning is intertwined with divine willpower. Munay is the force that can lift gigantic megalithic stones at sacred sites into place. It is a power that derives from the living energetic field that animates the universe.

The energy of Munay is located at the heart center (Sonqo Nawi), rather than as an emotion.

Munay is seen as an attitude of respect and appreciation for everyone and everything. To walk in Munay is to walk the path of  living from your heart.

When you begin the path of becoming a keeper of the earth in the Andean tradition, you receive a three part initiation called the Hatun Karpay. 

The first part of this initiation is called the Munay Karpay and activates your heart chakra so you can begin the journey. Without opening and activating the heart, one may not proceed further on the path.

That is how important Munay is for the Inca Shamans and Ingan people, and why we have chosen this sacred word to represent our brand and the work we aspire to do.